Kathy Mosole - St. Mary CSS (PVNCCDSB)

I am hosting a Google Meets twice a week at 9 am for any of my staff who wish to join me (Coffee with Cathy).

And I just opened a @chatty_chaplain Instagram that I will open up to my community today and any of you or yours for some humour and inspiration during this time :)


Best Practices


Dominc Pullano - Retired (Durham CDSB)

PDF  Reflection for the Fifth Week of Lent: Lent & Covid-19

PDF Reflection for Holy Week: Lent & Covid-19


Celia Ieradi - Madonna CDSS (Toronto CDSB)

PDF  Reflection


Maureen Dufour - St. Paul CHS (Ottawa CDSB)

Just a few days ago, this was forwarded to me from a friend who works with Emmaus Productions.

It has some really lovely videos and prayers that are part of the whole package.

WEBSITE  Spiritual Resource Kit 


Ivan Canjar - Associate Member (No Board Affiliation)

PDF  Prayer

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